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Coaching Certificate For NGOs 社福機構教練學證書課程

  • The content are suitable for NGOs 內容切合社福機構情況及運用
  • Teaching by Registered Social Worker, so that understand the NGOs 由註冊社工教授,對社福機構更認識
  • Positive Team Building Training 正面團隊建立培訓

  • Increase the mutual understanding 增加互相認識
  • Using different elements to Increase the TEAM collaboration 運用不同元素來加強團隊協作能力
  • To foster the Leadership Skill 促進領導技巧
  • More appreciation and recognition in the team 欣賞與肯定團隊的付出
  • Team D.I.S.C. Behavioural Analysis 團隊D.I.S.C.行為分析

  • More mutual understanding in the TEAM 在團隊中互相認識更多
  • Use the Right people to put into the Right place 把正確的人,放在正確的位置